S.P. 51 Rosignanina - Km 6
Loc. Macchiaverde
56040 Santa Luce - Pisa

Porto di Cecina
Via del Porticciolo
57023 - Cecina (LI)


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Base Nautica Toscana guarantees year-round professional services for all kinds of needs.

The use of specific and innovative materials, and the collaboration with professional and fully-qualified partners guarantee our services as having the highest standards.










Base Nautica Toscana can organise transport of boats overland – both normal and exceptional loads – and by sea. Where required, we can also provide a qualified skipper.

  • Overland transport: overland transport can be organised from any place in Italy or abroad. No notice is required in the case of normal loads. In the case of exceptional loads, documentation must be presented at least 15 days before the date of transport to allow for the request and receipt of the necessary permits from the appropriate authorities.
  • Transport by sea: Base Nautica Toscana has a staff of qualified and experienced skippers capable of organising transport from and to any Italian or foreign port at any time of the year.

Base Nautica’s port activities extend over the entire national territory with particular interest in the ports of Solvay (Port of Cala de Medici) and Cecina (Port of Foce Cecina).

Base Nautica Toscana offers its customers a wide range of services to cater to all needs of boaters:

  • Berths rent, purchase and sale
  • Mooring, towing, launching
  • Transport by sea with skipper
  • Harbor dues and dismasting

Lay Up

Base Nautica Toscana offers a professional service of temporary or seasonal lay up of any type of boat craft, or inflatable and can accommodate boats of all sizes.

To meet the different needs more effectively, Base Nautica Toscana offers two types of lay up:

  • Outdoor lay up: Base Nautica Toscana has at its office of an outdoor area of 16,000 square meters consisting of an asphalt-surfaced yard equipped with water and electricity capable of holding around 100/120 boats. Protection from precipitation and sunlight is guaranteed by the use of specific canvas covers and innovative materials of certified quality. Base Nautica Toscana also has lay up areas at the Port of Cecina.
  • Undecover lay up: at our headquarters, Base Nautica Toscana has a shed of approx. 2,000 square meters where we can keep up to 50 boats.

Administrative Procedures

Base Nautica Toscana‘s port activities extend over the entire country with particular interest in the ports of the coast of Tuscany Cecina (Port of Cecina) and Solvay (Porto Cala de Medici).

Base Nautica Toscana offers its customers a wide range of services to cater to all the needs of boaters:

  • Berths rent, purchase and sale
  • Mooring, towing, launching
  • Transfers by boat with skipper
  • Masts and dismasts of saling boats
  • Certifications renewals
  • Estimates and Appraisals
  • Subscriptions
  • Cancellations
  • Owner variations
  • Demolition – scrapping
Pratiche Amministrative



Base Nautica Toscana realizes:

  • New construction of fiberglass boats on behalf of private yards or on their dies, molds supplied by the customer or new molds specially made
  • Parts or components of boats (deckhouse, swim platforms…)

Base Nautica Toscana realizes:

  • New boats set up and equipment
  • Used boats restoration

Works of routine maintenance – First phase of wintering

  • Hull cleaning with high pressure hydro-cleaner, complete wash of the boat (hull, deck, engine room, cabins), acid cleaning of metal appendages and washing requirements
  • Wintering of inboard, outboard engines, generator and air conditioning system
  • Sanitizing of fresh water tank, grey water tank and black water tank
  • Application of dehumidifying salts
  • Control of electrical system and plumbing
  • Check of on board households, batteries and winter livelihood
  • Control of the liferaft and safety equipment
  • Cover with anti-dust towel and cloth


Works of routine maintenance – Second phase of wintering

  • Steel and deck accessories polishing
  • Teak specific cleaning
  • Anodes replacement
  • Cleaning for delivery
  • Velox specific treatment for metal appendices
  • Antifouling (first hand including light sanding)
  • Antifouling (2 coats including light sanding)

Base Nautica Toscana performs:

  • Demolition
  • Scrapping of vessels both in wood and fiberglass
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